It’s been a busy few months since the first edition of CCT Energy Storage News. In March, we proudly launched TED (Thermal Energy Device) and we’ve since been busy responding to and discussing with interested businesses the world over about how it could be of use to them.

Our first TED is currently is commencing assembly for delivery to field test in a grid connected telecommunications cellular base station, our second is targeted for an industrial high-usage customer and is in negotiations. Following successful testing, we will be receiving orders for the market sale of TED.

Currently, CCT Energy Storage can manufacture five TED’s per month at our Lonsdale factory. Our growth strategy involves the design of a new facility that can deliver up to 500 devices each year in Australia for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands markets – to meet growing customer demand.

Demand is also coming from overseas, with specific interest within Europe. CCT has the approved patent for the technology in 18 countries, including all major EU countries, the UK, USA and Asia and we believe we are 18-24 months away from increasing our presence in these markets.

I invite you to review the FAQ on our website which addresses the most commonly asked questions around costing, size and investment opportunities within CCT Energy Storage.

Chief Executive
Serge Bondarenko