In the 21st century, we believe that energy is a resource that should be accessible to all corners of the globe providing a cost effective, environmentally safe and always exceeding expectations in the delivery of sustainable energy.


The year was 2011 – in a small factory located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia a tenacious group of Scientists and Engineers began researching, developing and designing a large scale thermal battery that would change the future market for global renewable energy as we know it.

The Why

Globally the supply of electricity across residential, commercial and industrial consumers remains a major issue.  In addition to the supply concerns, the ‘demand’ element requires a cost effective solution supported by an environmentally sustainable approach.


The How

How is this product going to influence and impact the globe?

TED will provide power across many applications and industries including:

  • Remote communities
  • Mission critical Telecommunication
  • Substitute for Diesel Generator Systems
  • Micro grids
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Alternative power supply to Traditional Grid
  • Rail Signalling

Latest News


Sonnex Engineering

Sonnex Engineering

 CCT Energy over the last 5 years of research and development have been fortunate to connect with many remarkable South Australian businesses.  One of these is Sonnex Pty Ltd where our field test unit was recently installed.  CCT has developed a unique relationship...

CCT Energy Achieves Significant Milestone

CCT Energy Achieves Significant Milestone

Monday marked an incredibly big milestone for CCT Energy. Our pilot test unit was safely delivered to the official test site located at Sonnex Engineering, a manufacturing business north of Adelaide, South Australia. This unit will be connected with results...

FIXE Fridays

FIXE Fridays

CCT Energy CEO, Sergey Bondarenko, was recently interviewed by Jenna and Peter from the Department of Innovation and Skills - FIXE. FIXE stands for Future Industries eXchange for Entrepreneurs and sits atop 4 pillars - to inspire, equip, enable and celebrate Deparment...